Sealing Criminal Record in Texas

Why someone want to seal his criminal record? The reason is quite simple, if you have ever arrested or have criminal record that it will make a big headache for you in the future even after the dismissal of your case and completion of your punishment. You may have to face a lot of difficulties like you cannot apply for good job even after if you have a good degree and grades. All degrees and grades are useless if you have any type of criminal record. This is just a small example. You will not be eligible anymore for any government scheme like government loans for student, you cannot get any type of license from government, in short you are not able to get any type of facilities that government is giving to all citizens and students, there are some other problems too that you have to face if you have ever been arrested. The only way to get out from these troubles is by sealing criminal record.

After sealing criminal record you will be an innocent citizen of that state where you are trying to seal criminal record and not a burden on society anymore that you are a criminal. Now you are allowed to say that you were never arrested and never convicted.

Most states have their own rules and policies of sealing criminal record which will be hidden from view after sealing. After hiding the record, no one is able to see that record, no one even know that criminal record ever exists or not. But remember sealing the criminal record does not mean deleting the criminal record, the criminal record still exists but sealing makes it harder to see that record but some special agencies have permission to see that record. There are also the same policies in Texas for sealing criminal record and once the record is sealed you will be more productive citizen of Texas. You can freely say that you are not a criminal anymore your record is completely hidden from everywhere but only some government agencies have permission to see that record. Seal criminal record also known as Non-disclosure.

There is one more solution to eliminate your criminal history from all departments which is called expunction. The difference between expunction and sealing the criminal record history is given below:

Expunction and Record sealing:

After the dismissal of your case, the complete deletion or elimination of your criminal record (means your criminal record is destroyed just like it was never created) is known as expunction.

While if we talk about sealing the criminal record it means that your criminal record is not completely eliminated some agencies can access that record whenever they want but sealing make it harder to find that record. After sealing your record you are allowed to say that you have never arrested but your record is still in access for some government agencies.

There is just a little bit difference between both expunction and sealing criminal record. In expunction your criminal record is eliminated for life time and no one can see that record. But in criminal record sealing your criminal record is just hidden from public, you can say that you are not a criminal but some Government agencies are still allowed to open your criminal files again whenever they want.

Eligibility to Seal criminal record in Taxes:

Taxes Government can only allow to seal criminal record of those persons who have completed deferred adjudication community supervision. After sealing the criminal record, your criminal record is not in the reach of public, no one can even know that your criminal record ever exists or not.

It is the rule of Taxes Government that you have to complete the deferred adjudication community supervision if you want to seal your criminal record.

Some benefits of sealing Criminal record:

As sealing criminal record is not the elimination of criminal history but the only benefit of sealing criminal record is that your record is hidden from public. You can say that you are not a criminal anymore if you have sealed your criminal record. By sealing criminal record you are able to apply for a Government job. You can also get all the facilities of government like loans, licenses and some other things like that. You can get all the facilities that an innocent citizen of Taxes is getting. And now you have no fear if any company or institute wants to check your criminal record because it is hidden from public. In the case of any emergency some specific Government agencies are allowed to get your criminal record.