Choose a Specialized Texas Record Sealing Attorney

Any licensed Texas attorney can represent you in court, but choosing a specialized record sealing attorney increases your chances of having your record sealed. Many Texas attorneys claim that they can have your record sealed, but usually charge a much higher price; charging close to $3000 for a record sealing request that can be performed for around $1500. Even then, your chances of having your record sealed are much lower than if you choose a specialized record sealing attorney. A record sealing attorney that has performed thousands of criminal record record expungements is far more likely to succeed with your case than an attorney who has done it a few times. We recommend - They are specialized expungement attorneys with a low-price and money-back guarantee. 877-573-7273 - FREE RECORD SEALING ELIGIBILTY TEST

Two benefits of choosing a specialized and experienced record sealing attorney is a lower price and a higher success rate. Specialized record sealing attorneys handle a much higher volume of record sealing cases and therefore able to charge a much lower price. Even then, there are some steps you should take before you choose a Texas record sealing attorney to handle your case. Below are some tips on choosing a qualified expungement attorney.

  • - Is the attorney registered with the Texas state bar?
  • - Does the attorney offer a money-back guarantee?
  • - Does the attorney offer the protection of paying with a credit card?
  • - Does the attorney's address match where you are sending payment?
  • - Can you speak to the attorney who handles your case?

Beware of Non-Attorneys

Some companies claim that they can seal your record "at a too good to be true price." That's because it is. These companies are usually staffed with form processors or paralegals. Beware as you are not backed by an attorney. Clients are still left with a criminal record and an empty wallet. Before you attempt to seal your record in Texas, follow the above mentioned steps to ensure that you are trusting a firm that will succeed in sealing your Texas criminal record. We recommend the record sealing law firm They have helped thousands of people seal their criminal record and put their past behind them. They are based in Austin and are backed by specialized record sealing attorneys.