Benefits of Sealing Your Texas Criminal Record

When you have your record expunged, you can apply for jobs with confidence. Having your arrest, felony or misdemeanor records sealed prevents those records from coming up on background checks. After your record is sealed, you can apply for professional licenses issued by the state such as, medical licenses, nursing licenses, contractors license, real estate licenses and many others. No longer will you fear when a background check is performed on you. Below are some benefits you can expect to see after you have your Texas record expunged or sealed.

  • * Tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • * Become eligible for student loans and apply for credit
  • * Become eligible for housing assistance
  • * Become eligible for professional licenses and certificates in
  • * Tell friends and family you were not convicted of a crime

Having Your Texas Record Sealed is an investment in You

Texas has a robust and diverse economy with many high paying jobs. Jobs are becoming hard to find in Texas, so having a good job is important for most people. Criminal background checks are used by employers and landlords all over the US; however they are used more often in border areas such as El Paso, Laredo, McAllen and Presidio. It is important to expunge or seal any eligible felony or misdemeanor record. Having your Texas record sealed will make it easier to deal with employers, landlords and it may even make you feel better about yourself. Having your record sealed is a solid investment that should improve your quality of life. We recommend the Austin-based expungement law firm, They serve all of Texas and offer a money-back and low-price guarantee. 877-573-7273