Seal Your Texas Record Today- Seek an Expert Texas Record Sealing Attorney

Texas offers many solutions to those seeking to seal their criminal record. If you have an arrest, felony or misdemeanor, Texas has remedies to help you clear your criminal background. Sealing your Texas criminal record broadens your job opportunities and improves your quality of life and your potential to make more money.

Texas has several forms of record clearing, including expungement or expunction, setting aside a conviction, orders of nondisclosure or record sealing, and a pardon? to name just a few. Each of these processes have serious consequences and should be done with the assistance of an attorney who has experience with record sealing and related remedies provided by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Concealed permits for gun rights with setting aside

In Tune v. Texas Dept. of Public Safety, 43 Tex. Sup.Ct. 1023 (Tex. 2000), the Texas Supreme Court ruled that a conviction that has been ? set aside? still counts as a conviction for purposes of getting a concealed handgun license in Texas.

Texas Does Have A Record Sealing Law - It Is Called An Order of Non-Disclosure

Most states have found public policy reasons to allow certain criminal records to be sealed in hidden from view. Most popular reasons are that it allows the person with the record to be a more productive citizen and less likely to be a burden on society. Texas allows criminal records to be sealed, or as they call it in Texas, subject to non-disclosure. An order of non-disclosure seals a criminal record from public view. Once sealed, only a select few government agencies can have access to the contents of the record. All others will not even know it exists and the subject of the record is allowed to say they were never arrested or convicted. A person may be eligible to have their record sealed in Texas if they successfully completed deferred adjudication and meet other court requirements. If you are looking for help with an expungement in Florida.